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what do you guys want for christmas??

i gotta know now so i can start stealing people's money

ciao mi amore

this is a "Did You Know?" that I decided to make last night because I've realized that most people dont know some things that maybe they dont care about... but maybe you should know just in case and that way you know a little more about me and my thoughts and stuff like that... so here goes

Did You Know?

-every day i grow more and more obsessed with techno music, and im not ashamed of it

- ive been cheated on by every guy ive ever dated... not including Enri ::knock on wood::

- today I wore a shirt that I haven't worn in three years because a girl I hated told me I looked like a farmer and that pisses me off to this day

- my belly button isnt really in... but its not very out either

- i hate cheesecake

- i believe that penises in women's mouths is degrading as hell

- i didnt have breasts until about the middle/end of last year

- i cry easily

- i dont feel threatened by basically anyone that ive ever met in my entire life

- i suck in school, but i really do try ::A.D.D.::

- i dont really shave my legs unless i know there is a possibility that Enri might touch them

- i changed my life- long favorite gum brand and flavor because you mentioned you didnt like it once

- i want to work at MAC

- i think Hollister is for posers

- i shop at Hollister

- i think i'm one of the few original thinkers left in this generation

- i dont give many people a real chance

- i use people to entertain my life

- im shit broke for the 1st time in my spoiled life and ive found it to be the most depressing thing encounterable

- i want a tat but will never make up my mind where and what therefore i will never get one

- i want to get my labret pierced

- i hate my hair cut and color and its changing soon

- i dont give a fuck if you dont like it

- i suck at polishing nails and i hate polishing nails period

- i hate cooking for almost everyone

- i love baking things for myself and friends

- i dont hate anybody i know

- i secretly passionately dislike people that ive never even talked to

- most girls suck

- bio 2 actually teaches you some things

- i want to be an english teacher

- i want to be a psychologist

- i want to be a police officer... not man

- im somewhat of a feminist, although i dislike most women

- i guess this means im just really independent and sexist because i dislike most men too

- i miss having a few close friends because now i have a shit load of fake ones

- according to weezer "we are all on drugs, yeah."

- that weezer song is stuck in my head

- i love attention from my boyfriend

- too many people say i have a perfect relationship and i ask why and all they can come up with is that "we are both good looking" <?

- sometimes im jealous of other relationships

- i oppose the war, fighting, and the army profusely

- im in love but feel that i will be heartbroken at any second all the time

- im conceited in public

- im a little more than sort of self conscious in private

- i love long hot showers when nobody's home

- chances are if im talking shit to you about someone else, ive more than likely talked shit about you at one point or another

- ive never lost a neck and neck race while running

- im competetive as hell

- i can probably out- run  majority of people i know

- sometimes i pray that a person will talk shit to me so i can beat the shit out of them and feel better about my day

- sometimes i secretly wish that someone would kick my ass

- i find ass kissers to be pathetic but if you kiss my ass right ill eventually become your real friend

- my favorite complimentary word is 'adorable'

- i also like being called 'tiny' when referring to my size

- i dont necessarily like fat people

- i guess that means im an asshole

- i hate driving slower than 55mph

- i probably will never date a guy that doesnt play a sport well

- i hate it when im talking about me and mariana and the other person will say "mariana is so quiet!" or "mariana is so shy!" cuz i have to sit there kinda giggling saying 'not really' when really im thinking im her best friend you fucking moron obviously she isnt quiet with me and i think id know... and shy sort of suggests fear, shes not scared of you she just obviously doesnt like you or else she'd talk to you now wouldnt she?

- the song living in your letters by dashboard confessional confuses the hell out of me although i know all of the words... so i listen to it on repeat while im on the computer sometimes because its a great song

- i almost slapped my sister yesterday because she told me its an annoying song

- im a touchy feely person and i touch basically everyone that i talk to

- i planned to write most of this yesterday and i didnt sleep very well last night because i was really thinking about who i am and how i think


- there'll always be a place... for you... in my heart< probably the second best line in 'living in your letters'


So I Guess You Could Say I'm Taken Now...


That's Right Biotch...


Paige Has A Boyfriend

Paige Has A Boyfriend

Paige Has A Boyfriend

Paige Has A Boyfriend

Paige Has A Boyfriend

Paige Has A Boyfriend

Paige Has A Boyfriend

Paige Has A Boyfriend

Paige Has A Boyfriend

Paige Has A Boyfriend


And We Are The Absolute Sexiest Couple On This Planet, So Dont Try And Compete Cuz You'll Get Shut Down Nukkas


llrk: how are you?

UtopianDreamChic: im alrighty what about you

llrk: tired

llrk: haha just got back from class

llrk: so whats going on?  whats wrong?

UtopianDreamChic: umm idk. i guess im just moody today.. first day of school

UtopianDreamChic: its just that well i love everyone as of right now.. its psycho

UtopianDreamChic: but then like we went out to eat with like 6 other girls and then the 'popular kids' were there... and yeah im friends with them and i love them to death, some of them are annoying but the girls and boys are both really nice once you get to know them... but they started talking shit

llrk: its hard being loved by everyone

UtopianDreamChic: and they talked shit about ______'s hair? i was like wtf... like they were like her layers are like sooo short.. im like bitches, i have short ass hair, all of my hair is shorter than her layers!! im like wtf and shes a nice girl. so then theyre like yeah shes a really nice girl and stopped talking shit and i was like why are so many people so easily influenced by another?!  cuz the minute one girl talked shit the rest started, then i said something nice and they all agree??? and then they said something about someone else and it bugged me so i sat there silent cuz its annoying

UtopianDreamChic: then _____ ate a piece of pancake off of the table and everyone freaked out... i mean if i was in that situation i wouldve eaten it too! dont waste food.. but theyre such girly girls

UtopianDreamChic: and it pisses me off at myself

llrk: at yourself?

UtopianDreamChic: cuz i feel like i need to change and be more girly cuz no guys can even start to understand me... i think the reason why i have so many friends now is cuz the girls see that im nice and the guys think im one of them pretty much

UtopianDreamChic: and im definitely NEVER gunna change

UtopianDreamChic: but its like this little fight i have inside of my head

llrk: you don't need to be girly

UtopianDreamChic: i mean like take me on a date and ill behave as nice as i can.. and i think i do a pretty damn good job... but i mean if you put me in front of people im not crazy over... you better believe that i dont give a shit what they think so i just do wtf i want

UtopianDreamChic: yeah i didnt think so until today

UtopianDreamChic: and then _____ sits next to me in _____.. and shes so nice and i like her but she just sits there and stares at me

UtopianDreamChic: like im some kind of animal at a zoo

UtopianDreamChic: i feel like everyone sees me as this really weird individual and maybe not necessarily in a bad way.... at all... i mean i can tell when shes looking at me that she is just interested in my individualty but its annoying when someone is just staring at you and asking you all of these questions about my fashion sense and shit... im like idk? its just the way i am

UtopianDreamChic: and everyone freaks out that i dare to be different

UtopianDreamChic: but i like it

llrk: well can i give you my opinion

UtopianDreamChic: and even though i NEVER talk to ______ anymore, he came up and was like love the hair and played with it... you know how many girls freak out because they crave his attention? well i dont give a shit and like i hate that girls dont try and stand out more

UtopianDreamChic: yeah... i would like someones opinion right about now

llrk: all those girls, and all those guys, they aren't individuals themselves.  they do what they want because everyone else is doing it and because its what the cool people are doing and because they like being what is cool at the time.  you don't.  you do but not because you want to be like everyone else, you do it because you like it and you like being yourself.  and i think that everyone wants to be your friend and all the guys can't help but fall for you and all the girls want to be you because they crave your individuality.  but they don't understand that its you being you.  seriously, so many people look up to you becuase you are yourself and you do what others won't dare and you don't care.  you can wear some shirt other girls won't dare try on becuase its not "in" right now, but you see it as something unique and you use and and you make it look good and everyone else wants that.  they would love to be as unique and individual as you are and thats something you'll have to deal with.  people will envy you, want to be you, want to be like you, want to be with you, everything, and all you can do is be yourself. 

llrk: and that is what makes you so special, that is what makes you one of a kind.  you think for yourself, you act like you want to, and you frankly don't give a shit about what others think and people crave that freedom.  people crave that individuality and that confidence.

llrk: i wish i could be like you and just get over a guy and move on to better people and not be hurt.  i wish i had that confidence and that motivation

lrk: but i can't and thats who i am

llrk: and you should be proud

llrk: you should be proud that you have the power to make people listen, and to make people think twice about making fun of someone just becuase they have layered hair or something.

llrk: people look to you, not just for fashion, but for who you are and what you stand for

lrk: there will always be people who just follow the lead of the crowd and are too afraid to stand up for what they believe in.  they'll make fun of someone all the time because thats what their friends do and they will fit in, even if they don't have anything against that person.  they don't have the drive and confidence to go against the flow and get to know the person

llrk: and yeah, every personality has its flaws, every personality has its set backs, and people will always want to be someone else for a day.  but just take into consideration how many people would love to be you, to have your drive and your passion and your character, or how many guys would kill to have you at their arm, to be able to hold and have

llrk: and i know you wouldn't change who you are for anyone or anything, because thats what drives you and thats what makes you who you are

llrk: and if you want to be friends with everyone like you are, you'll just have to understand that not everyone has that understanding abuot themselves and about courage and drive and confidence.  so yeah it might piss you off, and you have good reason to be pissed off, but don't let it get to you.  you help them try to think differently, and act differently, but don't try to change everyone.  just being a pinnacle of someone who has themselves figured out, and has their head on straight and their mind aligned with their heart, just being that person other people can look up to has a lot of responsibilities but at the same time has the power to change so many people and indirectly change the world. if there were more people like you, society and culture wouldn't be detereating at such a momentus rate

llrk: you are that one shining light that keeps the world from darkness

Party's Off Kids... On Account Of Parents That Like to Pretend to Let Us Have Parties but Then Say "Just Kidding"... Basically So Tell Those Billion People That Were DEFINITELY Going To Come Not To <3* much love
yesterday i was reading this thing called "50 things a guy should know about a girl" and i decided that i didnt agree with alot (probably half) of the things i read on it. besides the fact that ive decided that i know im high maintenance ask my ex bf's theyll all tell you that i pretty much am, and yeah sometimes i can be a bitch and ask for alot from you but.. FIFTY things a guy SHOULD know just off hand is kinda asking too much... its kinda retarded and most of it isnt even common sense its shit like : hit it and quit it cuz tonight im getting wiht your best friend... which isnt true at all because a lot of the times i am not even attracted to my guy's best friends... so, ive decided to give you people a few secrets of my own... and they arent like a million things its just a few things that i secretly like and have never actually came out and said it when it happens.

1. I like it when you are just talking to me and you say my name.. i know its weird but it sounds cute when someones like "so, Paige..." or "Paige,...." i mean i think its cute when boys say my name.

2. I like it when you pull me in to you, it shows you want me to be touching you and that you like holding on to me.

3. I really dont care about your ex girlfriends and I'm not them, so dont compare me unless you are gunna tell me about how much better I am than them... honestly, I'm not striving to be them and if I'm so much more horrible than them obviously you should be with them and not me.

4. If you are expecting to take me out in public, dont expect me to want to let anyone know that I am with you if you're wearing a beater. It's tacky and trashy looking and I think that's probably the ugliest thing a guy could put on in public even if you have absolutely no fashion sense what so ever.

5. For those of you that get too scared to massage cuz you dont know if you can do it good or not...I dont care what psycho things you do, as long as you are somewhat tickling or being gentle with my back, legs, arms, lower back I will worship you... It's my favorite thing in the whole wide world and you can never go wrong with it.

6. Wear a smile when you see me. It's not too much to ask. and it's unattractive to just be all depressed looking, if I wanted that I'd probably just go to Detroit and help out at the soup kitchen for a night.

thats all i can think of for now... but its pretty sweet, im sure other girls would agree with my requests.... o one more

7. If you ask me out, bring some money cuz I do expect you to pay.

haha... thats all not for real. Hope the wisdom soaks in...

You know what really kills me inside? is that i feel so guilty right now for all of this, when really this is not my fault

dont say things unless you really mean them, because you know what? i took you seriously when you told me not to wait around for you... dont you understand that i thought you were leaving for years upon years, i told you that i would wait, but you said no, i could never ask you to do that... well dale, why would i wait one year then tell you im not gunna wait anymore? would that make it easier? no. thats why i did it now, because you were gone, you didnt call at all it was the perfect way for things to end. that way i didnt have you here all the time and i didnt hear from you and i went to parties and hung out with people and never once did they mention your name so it was so much easier for me. meanwhile, while you arent even thinking about going in to the army as i thought you were and so you feel so deceived and killed by me... YOURE THE ONE THAT ASKED FOR ME TO MOVE ON! i did nothing wrong. so yeah, i did. i like someone else, big deal. i loved you and you were going to leave me and there was no certainty that you were coming back. you were leaving love for a reason you dont even know... because bush doesnt say a damn word to anybody... i honestly dont want to point fingers at the person that is feeling hurt the most, but i can't help doing it. the way i see it, you left me. so if you are going to be hateful about it then dont let me see it because i just sit here objecting to every single thing that i hear because i didnt do this to us, i didnt ask for you to leave and you know it.
i do not mean this in a cutting way at all, although i know you'll take it that way. i'll always love you as a person, its just that i cant love you like that right now because i see that you would leave me behind for something that you know nothing of so why would i want to give something i know im not getting back?

so i just want to tell you sorry; sorry for doing what you told me to do.




how do you like your eggs?

-over easy
-fertilized... haha

what a funny pick up line
First of all...
why the fuck am i swearing so much?! i feel like a dirty pirate hooker! just kidding, but i need to stop over using the EFF word

Second of all, the weirdest thing just happened to me

so im talking on the phone with danny a little and he sets down the phone and its red hot chili peppers and then he comes back... brings up something serious and then is like OMG and the phone like drops and i can hear the rest of the song at the end when its like together we cry... and then hes like ill call you back later bye. so then i call back and he was in an accident... i was soo scared

AH IM CRAZY!! and i actually have a crush on someone :x